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I bought a Porsche 928S that had been driven about 10 miles in the last three years.

I personally recommend taking a very close look at the brakes to make sure they are working and not disabled by a deteriorating line. Pull the wheels and check the calipers for leaks and operation. Ditto master cylinder. I would look closely at every rubber hose. Check the climate control for correct operation esp. the heat side looking for a bad mono valve. I would have the AC checked for leaking caused by dry seals. Take a close look at the rubber part of the fuel return line in the engine compartment. Check the vacuum locks for operation.

Change every fluid (oil, antifreeze, power steering, transmission, rear end, brake) AND filter. Drain the old fuel out of the tank and add Red Line after refilling. Then drive the car for a couple of weeks and look for leaks everywhere from dry seals.

Good luck!

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