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Question Gladly have brakes again, but for how long

Thanks to everyone for their help on this. While it makes no sense to me how it happened, but somehow air got in the passageways. I bled out one front wheel and instantly got a pedal back. So air must of been forming in the master cylinder?! I just hope it doesn't come back. I thought you had to run it dry before it could do that??!

Originally posted by LarryBible
If there is air or no fluid, this is what will happen regardless of boost. It sounds like you are feeling the pedal mechanically bottomed out.
I haven't bled all of the individual calipers out yet, but it has fresh fluid with a great pedal now. Back to my previous schedule of putting new boots on the CVs....

Henceforth, flushing the entire brake system with a whole quart of fresh fluid once a year will virtually eliminate these problems from occurring.
In the spring I may add. The P/O of my 83 didn't lubricate anything but the motor IMO, so I'm changing it all before I take it on the roads. The linkage for the accelerator would stick 2/3 open because the gross lack of grease....

On a whole different subject would anyone know what position the fuel gauge needle goes to when unplugged? My tachometer just quits sometimes, and my fuel gauge twitches between 1/4 & 1/2 a tank. Just thinking that maybe the rear ending loosened the harness in the back of the cluster.

Thanks again everyone,
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