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Marc Lenssen
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water leak.

Hello All,

I have replaced the cap on my expansion tank, let's see what this does. This weekend I need to check out the aux water pump and the main water pump. Since I am not too much of a mechanic I will do a visual to start with. To inspect the aux I need to remove the air filter housing because my aux pump is plaved below it. For the main pump I ned to remove the bottom plate so I can see the bottom side (hopefully) and inspect for residu or water drops.
Since I have a pretty nasty water gurgle in my heating system I would tend to suspect the aux pump. Worst case scenario is ofcourse the head gasket. With over a 100 k miles on the engine this one is also supposed to be suspect.
The engine never overheats though. Even in hot summer weather I can stand in traffic jams or stop and go and the engine does not go over the 100 degree mark. So I do not suspect hot fumes entering the cooling system. I expect the pressure in the combustion chambers to be higher then the pressure in the cooling system so it would be more likely for fumes to enter the cooling system then for coolant to leak away through the combustion process. Am I right in this last assumption?

Thanks and al have fun driving these nice machines,

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