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A while back I purchased a 240D with under 120k miles that did not run. Somewhere on this site I documented the engine rebuild and getting the car back on the road. Anyway, I sold the car to my sister for my neice (16) to drive. Since getting the car in May of last year she has dented the front left fender slightly and one of the kids at school rear ended her pulling out of the parking lot. I sold the car to my sister for $2k and the rear end incident repair was quoted by a local, reputable body shop at $2700. Anyway, the kids father did not want the rear end incident to show up on the insurance so he is paying my sister the $2700 for the repair. Understand that the body shop quoted all new parts - heck the rear taillights were quoted at around $238/each and I have two good, used sets sitting on my shelf at the house. I should be able to get the trunk lid at the local pull a parts place pretty cheap. I have a couple friends that do body repair work and am thinking we will be able to get the car fixed and totally painted (it needs a paint job bad) for under $1500.

The point of all this is to get her something (I strongly recommend a W123) that is safe and it won't break your pocket book nor heart if and when it gets damaged.
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