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Thanks Gilly,
I will print your suggestions and show it to service manager at my dealer next month when I bring my wife 00 E430 in for second A service. I will insist that the service manager looks at MB Warrany Policy and Procedures Manual page 3-33 in chapter 3-26. Hope that this will clear up the confussion of who pay for these two services. I hate to argue about small change, but I hate it even more feeling about being cheated. I should stand my ground this time. I expected Used and/or low end car dealers cheat their customers whenever they have a change, but not MB dealer or MBUSA.

On second thought, I may contact other authorized MB dealers in Orange County to find out if they will do Brake Flush and Coolant change and charge these works to MBUSA for the 2000 car with less than 50K miles. If they do, I will buy my next car there.

Again, thanks for your help and have a nice weekend.
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