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Thumbs down My C280 is a piece of crap - how about yours??

I need some advise here. I currently have 115K on my 96' C280 and here is the list of what has gone wrong:

Water Pump - $450
Oxygen Sensor - don't remember but at least $300
Front End rebuild - for alignment - bushings etc - $1100
ABS unit failed - $1000
Numerous little electrical and other things totaling $500

My question to you - should I keep it or get rid of it? Kelly blue book says it is only worth $10,000

I paid $26K with 47K mileage on it and have maintained it religiously.

Not impressed with the quality at all. The local dealer here in Decatur GA is the worst dealership of any car I have ever dealt with.

My wife drives it for business and i just wonder how many miles I will get out of this car and wether it is worth it to replace all the little things going wrong with it. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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