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I was hoping that this summer I might make some improvements to the suspension of my very high mileage (over 200K miles) coupe.
What bugs me is that while it's perfect on smooth roads--there's no play in the steering, the car doesn't wander, there's no vibration in the steering wheel--over bumps the car's composure goes to pieces. The jouncing noises are ridiculous and it doesn't seem to hold the road when it hits a bump during a turn the way a car with all-independent suspension should. I've had the chance to drive lower mileage 250Cs since I bought this one and there's no comparison; those cars are much quieter over bumps than mine.

I was hoping, if I told you what work we've done to date, you might suggest what things we should be checking next. New Bilstein shocks went on all round a year ago. That solved the sound of empty paint cans banging around coming from the vicinity of the trunk.

The flex disks in the driveline were replaced and the center bearing was checked.

The front subframe bushings were replaced about 16 months ago and the motor and tranny mounts renewed when the engine was rebuilt last June.

I have an excellent mechanic but I don't think he's done a lot of suspension rebuilding on these cars. What would be the best things for him to look for?

Paul Berk
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