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E clips on the dual row 380 cam chain

I realize the clip vs. crimp a cam chain issue has been discussed to death here, but I wonder what opinions you all have about E clips?

First, let's assume that you are OK with using clips instead of crimping. Like me you accept that the stress on the clip is minor, as nearly all force applied to the chain is along the length of the chain. I am, having reached this conclusion based on an absence of reported chain clip failures (assuming good tensioners and guides). Further, rental of the crimping tool is difficult (in years past I used to rent from Performance Products, but they no longer seem to offer this service, and timing was never what you wanted it to be when they did) and the cost of purchase prohibitive.

Second, assume that you and I are uncomfortable/unskilled enough to think that the job can be done with a ball peen hammer to 'crimp' the chain.

I purchased a new chain for the wife's 380SLC. It was converted to a double row chain >100k miles ago. The engine still shows 10 degrees of stretch after replacement of tensioner and timing rails and can be heard slapping at start-up. I got it from FastLane as they offer the OEM JWIS (manufacturer) chain with a clip. The chain came, however, not with the single clip which grabs both pivots in the join, but rather with two small E clips, one per pivot.

Here's the Q. What are the pros and cons of two small E clips versus one compound one?

Please, no flames about clips versus crimping. If you respond, please do so because you are comfortable with clips and have useful empirical or technical input.

Thank you.
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