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The A/C or the defrost must be ON in order for Recirc to remove moisture. If you recirculate the air without A/C or defrost on, it will increase moisture in the cabin.

But you're right -- your car should not do this. You have a water problem. And it doesn't take much moisture in the cabin of these cars to make them fog up. The reason is that they're built so well, they're practically air-tight. On my '92 201, the doors still shut hard unless I have a window cracked, or another door open. And if I turn the heater on Recirc without the A/C or defrost on, the windows will start to fog up in about 60 seconds. (Amazing for an 11 year old car with 144K miles)

I've never had a leak problem with my car, but a couple of the favorite causes for leaks in any car are:

1) Plugged drain hose/hole for the sun roof.

2) Plugged drain hose/hole for the A/C condenser.

If it were me, I'd check both of these.

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