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Should be no problem as long as the vehicle meets the standards for the other 49 States.

be459 makes reference to the now illegal "Environmental Impact Fee" which has been deemed an illegal tax. Many in the state now await a refund, some of us have been here too long to benefit.

You will have to take the vehicle to a Smog Check station where they will do a visual inspection to ensure that all emmissions controls are in place and connected. Then they will run the check, which will take at least 30 minutes, and give you a print out of you vehicle's emmissions compared to the max allowed emmissions at idle and 2500 RPM. If the vehicle does not pass, there is a sort of sliding scale ( or at least used to be) where, depending on the age of the vehicle, there was a specified amount that had to be spent of repair to try and bring within specs. The newer the car, the more one had to spend. Yours is a 97, and I would think it should pass fairly easily.

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