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Newbie - Need to know how to tell if my 92 300E is 4-Matic

Hello All!

I am wondering how to tell if my 1992 300E is a 4-Matic. I have seen some cars with the 4-Matic on the back but mine does not. I also don't see anything within the console to elude to that 4-Matic is working or not. I do see some stuff in the manual about 4-Matic but am assuming that it is a standard manual for 1992 300E's.

Also, right now it is not charging the battery it seems. We took it out the other day and got stranded and it was -25 celcius out! Chilly!! After it was boosted it ran for about 15kms and stalled again. Battery was dead again. So I can only assume either it is a bad battery or bad altenator. The last owner though had a new altenator put on last fall so I can't see the alternator going that fast.

Thanks for your help!

Tony Curtis
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