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Marc Lenssen
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water pump?

Hello All,

This morning I needed to top of the coolant level again. While driving in town with my window open I passed a wall and got the scare of the day listening to a loud ticking ccoming from my car. Inside the car it was impossible to hear. I plled over and walked around the car. Standing next top the driver door the clicking came from under the car. I popped the hood and heard a definite rythmic ticking. It is the sounds the valves make if they are icorrectly set. Trying to pinpoint the sounds I think it comes from the waterpump area. I could also hear the sounds of a belt that is hissing. I stopped the engine and pulled the flywheel that drives the pump. I could feel, just by puling it, some play. I am not certain if and how much play is needed or allowed on these pumps but can I assume that this sounds like a pump that is facing its maker?
When driving off afterwards the clicking was gone or at least much less and drowned in the normal engine sounds. There was still the sounds of a belt that was sort of hissing. The belt is older and its near freezing point out so that is not too worrysome.
A ticking waterpump is definitely not a good sign right?

Any suggestion or answer is welcomed.

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