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I've seen alternators cause excessive rest current draw, but it usually kills the battery within a few hours. You can try dis-connecting the alternator overnight and see what happens the next day. If you decide to try this BE CAREFUL!!! Make absolutely certain the wires at the alternator DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!! If this isn't the problem you'll have to go back to my previous post. Since your battery is in the trunk you'll need to do a few things. First open the trunk and manually operate the latch with a screwdriver. This will operate the closing assist. Make sure you do this before connecting your meter! I would also suggest opening all the windows. If you need to get into the car while the meter is connected, don't open any doors. When you close a door the closing assist will again activate, possibly damaging your meter. In the past, I've also found that a thorough function check of all consumers/accessories can be helpful. You may discover something not working properly. This may provide some direction as to where you start looking. Current draw problems can be tricky, even for experienced techs, so take your time.
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