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Thanks everyone.

I do have water which accumulates in the footwells on the driver's and passenger's side. I've dried out the baffles and covered them in plastic under the floormats. But there is still a little water in each well. I guess I need to check the drains suggested. Are there any drains in the wells themselves?

I'm not sure how to put the defrost on and the recirc at the same time. When I use the major defrost button on the left hand side of the heater a/c controls, the recirc while not go on. When I use the button second to left, the recirc button can be used but I don't hear any door opening or vaccuum sound. The cabin does fog up quickly though.

I can't try the a/c recirc combination because the a/c gas needs to be recharged. It leaked out last winter. I'm getting this fixed in the spring.

Does anyone know where to get good 2nd hand motors/regulators for the rear windows? Is it worth using used parts for this?

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