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I got a good price on my exhaust from an Indie. Middle and back. Can't recall the cost, but it was almost 1/3 the dealer price. It is OEM, not OE stuff. Works and runs fine almost two years now. One thing to look out for: MB OE has a blackened finish to it. My OEM stuff did not. On my car, itís not an issue as the car is smoked silver. But it would stand out on a darker car.

There is a place here in Redmond WA, where I get my tires and wheels done, that has a twin pipe TE exhaust, Brabus I think. Customer ordered and then didnít want it so heís stuck with it. I donít know price. He offered it to me about 6 months too late. I did not buy from him, but twin pipes certainly were tempting. The place is Car Nutz.
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