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HELP... oil pressure gauge still at 0 !

I must say I am pretty disappointed today.. I finally got all the parts I needed: Oil pan, Gasket, Oil pressure sender and Oil level sender. Originally, the problem was my oil pressure gauge dropped to 0 last week and I was told it’s most likely the oil pressure-sending unit. So I got underneath the car and found that there was some oil leaks around it as will as the oil pan was bent and decided to replace both. I decided also to replace the oil level sender since I saw some leak from its connection side.
So, and to make long story short, I replaced all the above and all went well except that the oil pressure gauge still set at 0. I ran the tests as recommended on the wire and don’t think it looked good. So I seem to have either a bad wire harness or bad gauge. Which one is it? How can I know if the car is safe to drive without knowing if I have a true oil pressure or not? The car drives fine and I hear no engine noises etc.

Need help from the experts out there on what to do next? Any “quick” check I can do easily to determine oil pressure without having to tap into the line? I just wanted to know if I should drive the car or have it towed to the shop?
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