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Kidbenz is here!

Thanks for the reply guys. The hissing seems to have gone away. But guess what Babybenz, i waz going to a wedding yesterday and had problems with the start up again. i tried pumping the accelerator for a bit and slowly ....very slowly .....releasing it. It work to keep the engine running. So I guess the new OVP relay replacement wasnt the exact cause.

As for the horn sound, doenst seem to be giving any obvious problems but just wanted to be sure thats it's not gonna cause any!

Other than that the baby runs like a beauty....of course aside from the WHITEness of the car. Gets dirty like every 10 mins after i just wash the car. (Babybenz got the pic ready to post?)

And finally thanks for the welcome to the club. I know Babybenz has been waiting for me to join!
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