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blown hg

I personally think you should leave everything be. Unless somethings out of spec. dont fix it. There are many ways to test. If excessive pressure exists, it points you to combustion pressure. Which would displace the coolant in the head. The plugs may indicate overheat. If there was combustion pressure present in the coolant you might see a series of trapped airbubbles travelling into the remote tank. But most definitively, theres a tester and a test sample fluid that is used at a good parts store. Usually one with a machine shop. You put the test fluid in the tester and sample the rising heat over the rad. cap area. cap removed. If theres a discoloration, the color change can be read according to the instructions. You can also pull out your thermostat and run the procedures for diag on the part. Look at it for opening. Measure the temps its experiencing during the test and compare it to spec. You can monitor cooling fan operation and compare it to spec., leakdown test. cap pressure test. and on and on. steam from the exhaust? after its warmed up? leaves blocking the rad. fins? no fan during a/c operation, discolored oil? water droplets in the oil cap. creamy discolored deposit underside of oil cap? rough run? greenish spark plugs. coolant fouled oxy sensor. these are all indicators . There are probably many more. See startek info for your vehicle specs. Since this is a question that can be best answered by experienced judgement, ask a technician to run it through the tests and see if anything fails.

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