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H4 Dilema

I am an engineer which makes selecting simple things very difficult for me. As in an H4 bulb. Now I am familiar with the excellent rundown on lighting at Dan Sterns Website. I agree you cannot put 55w into a passive device and get more out. What I do know is that efficiency of a conversion process can be increased. As in the case of electricity to light. That is less loss to heat. So here we go.

Read all abt it all over the net. Osram, Philips, Sylvania etc. claiming 30%-40%-50% more more light. Until recently hard to get. Only available in Europe or via a few select Websites. Drives me nuts.

Let's take the case of the Philips VisionPlus. Is this 50% percent more light the result of a more efficient design or is it more marketing stuff. Do they really produce more lumens or candlepower or whatever? Or is it redirected across the field of vision and measured by the marketing guys.

These new lights are supposed to be Homologated. AHA thats the secret. What is Homologated anyway? What's a guy to do. Why don't people who use these big words ever explain them?

I really would like to understand all this so I can order my bulbs and go watch the football game.

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