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Originally Posted by funola View Post
AFAIK, glow plug temp sensor for 84 300D is in the glow plug relay, not in the block. Which one were you referring to?
I referred to the temperature sensor on the left side of the photo (fwd end of head). It apparently has a resistance signal (probably a thermister type device, but could be an RTD). I didn't trace where its wire goes, but it starts out running aft to the VCV. Based on other posts, I assumed it is for the "we predict the glow plugs are hot enough for the current engine temperature, so try to start it" lamp in the dash cluster. However, thinking more, I now suspect it is part of the EGR emissions controls. This is a 1984 car (probably CA). I didn't check the block stamp, but should be a 1984 engine since has the (stupid) rack position sensor on the injection pump.

BTW, my 1985 CA car has that same round connector, but it is unused now since I have a 1982 engine in it that doesn't have that sensor. I notice nothing missing without it (EGR bypassed anyway). My 85 car also has 3 spade terminals in a common sheath in the middle of the firewall (just below the weather-strip) that I couldn't figure out where they should go. I find no mating cable or component in my 85 engine parts, nor see anything similar in other 85 CA engine bay photos. Perhaps it was never connected.
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