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I caught that and revised my post before I even saw your follow-up.

We both had good luck, and "changing thermostat worked" was the crux of my post, and now at least 2 successes.

I am usually 50:50 trying to fix these types of problems. When I found the thermostat looked fine, it was looking like the lower 50 until I pushed on and tested it. I remembered to not repeat the trouble-shooting of my dad. We suffered thru ~5 yrs in Florida without AC in the station wagon because "blower didn't work". My dad had pulled the fuse, it looked fine, so he put it back and gave up (too expensive to change blower). The fuse wire was actually melted right by the terminal where you couldn't see it (glass fuse, not a Euro type). It melted not from excessive current, but from resistance at the fuse holder (Florida = corrosion). Thus, don't ever assume a part if OK because it looks good. Always test or swap parts.
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