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Reclaiming gas mileage

Well now that my hesitation problem is solved, I noticed that the car consumes way too much fuel compared to what it used to. I'm still on the first tank after I fxied the problem so I don't know if the computer is still adjusting, or what is causing it, but I've gone 180km on half a tank, that's gonna be less then 300km on a full tank, which is ridiculous. I was expecting the opposite after leaning out the mixture. Also my economy gauge goes 1/4 way up when i come to a full stop, I'm guessing this has to do with idle speed in some way because when the car is rolling with no gas it drops to 0.

I also got a can a fuel system cleaner in the tank, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows what can be done to improve gas mileage, or if anyone can tell me what the average distance traveled on a full tank of gas is for a 85 190E 8vlv.


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