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oh no, fuel pump nr.2 leaks, too

Hi everybody,
I thought I had it all under control. This morning I went under the car again to see if I should replace any other parts/hoses besides the fuel filter and the copper sealing rings. Started it just to see that it was still not leaking, but it leaked again. This time it comes from pump 2 and it seems to come right from the terminal. I took the connector off to see better but nothing to see. Pump 1 is still ok.

1. If it comes throught the terminal, does that mean the pump needs to be replaced?
Was "rudy" correct, after all?
My fortune cookie today said: Face facts with dignity.

2. If I have to replace the pumps, should I replace the check valves, the fuel storage unit, the tubing and the hoses that tie it all together? The tubing doesn't really look too good to me.

3. Is it difficult to replace the 2 hoses that connect to the tank or can you just screw them in and out? (It looks like that).

4. Is the "fuel storage unit" in the CD identical with "fuel accumulator" for $87.48 at Fastlane ($136.00 list)? Doesn't look like it could cost that much.

5. Anything that I should know before attempting to replace everything like tools etc.? I know fuel will come out and I will have to deal with that.

Right now I feel like I should clamp the hose that comes from the tank and the one that goes to the engine and disconnect from these two hoses. Then the whole unit should come out after loosening 2 screws on a bracket to the floor. Put it on the kitchen table and use as model to rebuild out of new parts. Then back under the car and mount new unit.

Your knowledge/advise is very much appreciated.
Reinhard Kreutzer
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