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W201 rear anti-roll bar chassis mounting side stuck bolt

G'day Folks,

I think I already have the best solution to my problem but I thought I'd ask anyway.

The problem is this =>

Bolt snapped off on removal of brackets which hold the rear anti-roll bar / anti-sway bar to the chassis.

I was a bit disappointed when this happened but thought it would drill out quite easily.

I was wrong.

Drilling through the length of the remaining stud went well - I don't think I've made contact with the threads of the nut that is welded to the bracket attached to the chassis.

Banged in an easy out =>

Unfortunately the easy out (both 5mm and 6mmm sizes) is starting to stretch and strip

The next occurrence will be snapped easy out in hole - I'm not going there.

As the bracket can not be removed from the chassis with out a cutting disc; and as the nut can not be removed from the bracket; and as the bracket is flexing with just an easy out in there...

...options like welding on another nut / bigger easy out / more power / more torque isn't going to end well.

Cutting a new thread through the nut on the bracket always makes me nervous - this is an anti-roll bar and thus could be a stability problem (just when you need it) should the new threads fail.

Access to remove the nut on the bracket is tight but I might be able to do that. But I think I might just drill a large hole through the nut and then use a longer bolt and a nylock nut on top of the stuck one as there is enough space for that - although getting a spanner on it will be interesting.

Any thoughts?
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