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You did not mention what model...

but, you should change all the hoses that "don't look good" while you are there. Caution, some new hoses are different than the old ones. In other words, if you change one, you may have to change others as well. Yes, they just screw in and out. Check with your parts department.
Check valves are not expensive and they should be changed. As far as the fuel accumulator (it is expensive), if the car is not giving you problems, you may skip that item but change the fuel filter if it has not been done recently.
Common tools would work. Disconnect the battery for extra precaution and work on a ventilated area.
In your picture is not clear (to me) where the fuel is leaking from. Can you be more specific? Is it possible that may be leaking from somewhere else and going down the wire to the terminal?
'86 300E
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