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The cap definitely holds pressure. I don't think it ever releases on it's own. On the 300sd I sold, it could be 96 outside and had just gotten off the toll way but the hoses were pretty soft. I literally cannot pinch my upper rad hose at all until I pop the cap. Is it possible that because my car has mostly all new hoses that they aren't porus and letting pressure out? I know that sounds silly... If also seems like if drive easy, it doesn't build as much pressure in a short drive. If I drive harder where im in full boost, it builds pretty quickly. Again, I go on 3+ hr drives on the highway often and that's keeping up with the Dallas flow while not overheating or anything like that. I did notice that if I top the expansion tank off, it will always make it's way back down to right under the line. This is in months though... I think the pressure slowly pushes it through the little gaps it can find. I noticed it dripping from the drain plug on the rad last night...
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