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Where to connect multimeter to O2 sensor on 300E?

My '86 w124 300E is currently using an obscene amount of gas. (~10 mpg)
So i want to try adjusting the mixture by measuring via the O2 sensor, but i'm having som troubles.

First.. In some threads it is advised to measure the O2 sensors duty cycle. Others advise to measure voltage from the sensor. Which is most correct?

Second.. I can't, for the love of life, figure out where to connect the multimeter to the signal wire from the O2 sensor. -There's no way i can tap into the 6 mm length of visible wire coming from the sensor and disapearing into the buttom of the vehichle. Where does this wire end? And can i tap it from there? Or do i have to gut the cabin to get under the carpet?

Any help willl be appreciated.

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