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Hi, I hope you guys get to see my post and help me out.

First, thank you for this info.
Really valuable.

OK, now to my problem.
Yesterday I was changing the RF shock of my 1987 300SDL and while loosening the top nut I accidentally touched the Red wire that feeds the window relay and of course there were some good sparks.

My LF window stopped working.
Soon I noticed that the "c" fuse was blown and I replaced it.
I turned the ignition to check if the window worked but the "c" fuse blew again as soon as power got to it.

Since the RED wire feeds the Window relay I thought that it was probably fried so I replaced it.

Result: the fuse does not blow but when I try to operate the window, each time I press the switch the instrument lights and interior front light dim and I can hear the window motor humming but not moving in any direction.

Any clues out there?
Thanks in advance.


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