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Do this fast, before it rains!

I agree with an earlier post, that it will get worse.

Do do this, and fast.

It's easier with a helper sitting in the driver's seat. Take the door panel off; you'll find articles on how to do that.

Once off, look at the plastic glide pieces that slide back and forth in the track to see if they're broken. If they are, replace.

Check all your screws for proper tightness on ALL the pieces and brackets. One of mine got loose, and the window came down, but turns out that was a good thing. It forced me to open the door panel to see what was wrong, and I was able to re-lube everything.

While you're looking at the door, have someone make the window go up/down. Take out as much old grease as you can and put in new. Same with the big gear things. You need everything to work with as little friction as possible.

As to the regulator motor..... hmmmm. From memory, you can open that, take out old grease and put in new to help extend its life if it's working.

I'll say it again....... tighten ALL your bracket screws. Some might have loosened up over the years and if one goes like on mine, you're screwed in a big rain storm if your window goes down and you can't get it back up!!

When you're all done.... YOU ARE NOT! Do all your doors. I'm sorry man, but this is for your own good. While you're at it, knock it out. If you do one and "get to the others later", you'll forget how to take them apart, and how to put them back together. Knock them all out while you're at it. Lube 'em all up, make sure brackets are on tight. I'm glad I did because one of my back windows had gotten loose and would have been a bigger problem later.
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