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Hey guys, I guess it's time for a thread resurrection

My 87' 300d is missing both panels from the drivers side, which around this time of year means salt/slush spraying up into my engine compartment. Just what I wanted.
Anyway, has anyone purchased part # (124 884 0235) that locry photographed and posted?
I'm having a hard time finding it anywhere. Pelican Parts has it (genuine Mercedes) but it's non returnable, not in stock, special order, yadda yadda; probably spring before I would get my hands on it.
Other options? A google search brings up a few obscure/foreign parts companies. Do I have to go down that road? Any input would be great.

Also I was told the 10mm plastic nuts that attach the liner are part # (201 990 0050). Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks fellas, I'd be lost without this site.
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