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Spencer 300E - you now know why I took up the secondary trade of auto mechanic for all my own cars 10 years ago. The money I have saved working on my family's 6 cars is unbelievable - not to memtion that I know my cars are safe! Why I started though was because of my now dead Ford Aerostar. I took it in to a Ford dealer for a tune up. They called back and said all it needed was 6 spark plugs - nothing else. They advised they would be putting in platinum plugs. I said OK. Remember - this was back in 1991. When I picked up the van the bill was $300 CDN. I was stunned. I was told they had to pull the engine to replace the back two plugs. So what can you do - the repair was already done. I paid. 2 weeks later I popped the hood to check the oil. I found four 2 1/2" bolts sitting on the top of the rad. I took the van back to the dealer to find out what they had forgotten to do. The mechanic (remember - Ford Dealership) said" if it is running good - don't worry about it" and refused to check anything. That was the straw that started me learning how to repair my own cars. To this day I have no idea what those 4 bolts were for- but it will never happen again. Forums like this are marvelous ways to learn things - people helping people.
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