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heat blows warm

Over the weekend, I pulled the monovalve and checked it and I did not see any signs of cracks or tears. The part that sits down in the coolant did not look like it was torn, but was not perfectly circular in shape. I put back together and started the car with heat. It seems that the heat coming in the passenger floor is rather warm, almost hot and blows pretty good. On the driver's side, it is not as warm and does not blow as hard. Keep in mind I have had the brushes replaced and the armature checked out ok. I also checked the line behind the glove box and it seemed to me ok. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem? It just doesn't seem to blow as hard as it should. I did discover(MB is new to me) that the center vent slide bars pushed to the right cut out all cool air coming through the center vents. Maybe the small amount of heat blowing is the nature of the beast? If the thermostat was not working properly, would that cause the heat not to blow as hard or be as warm? Also, the temp gauge stays around 80-85 whether you are sitting still or moving. can you tell me where the thermostat is and maybe I can change that and see if it makes a difference? Got any pictures like those I have found on the monovalve? Thanks.
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