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Matt - Thanks, with a little phone help from Star Mercedes in Bristol IL I got mine out too. Your directions were right on. I had found the bolts and loosened them but nothing wanted to move and I didn't want to force (break) anything. Once it moved forward a little things went well. Mine had 2 bolts for the upper part and of course there were the seat heater connections.
The bad (maybe good) news is that when I went to remove the old shocks they were nothing like the new! It seems I have hydraulic struts (a different part of the manual I didn't know to look for!). They are pretty expensive and showed no signs of leakage and seemed to work (as I lean on the trunk with the car running it goes down a little and then resists) I decided not to fix it if it ain't broken. Anyway I expect to see an increase in gas mileage due to all "stuff" that had fallen under the seat (I never saw a pertified candy stick before!).
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