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I think the problem with "Free Schedule Maintenance" for 2000 and newer cars is MBUSA does not very clear about Brake Flush and Coolant Change are free of charge to the owner
I disagree, MB is very clear in the warranty P&P manual that these additional items are included in the Maintenance Commitment plan. It took me less than 15 minutes to find documentation to support this, and in fact could have been substantiated by looking in your own owners packet (Maintenance Book and Warranty Book).
The service advisor(s) in question need to pull their head out of, um, the sand, and check the facts.

I had Gilly's opinion about these services and showed it to service writer on April 2001 when I had the car in for B service, but he said "No, MBUSA only pay for items specified in FSS A and B services.
I can't "make" him understand. If he would check the supporting documents, he will see he is wrong. I would encourage you to contact his supervisor and get this straightened out. He is probably doing this on a daily basis. Please let me know if you are willing to do this. If not I will try to contact this dealership myself. Maybe you can just forward this entire thread to the dealership.

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