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Originally posted by Amuso
The plugs were changed about 4 months ago. I'd say 5000 miles or so. The wires are likely the ones that came with it new.

The bad gas we got was just because we didn't have a choice at that moment on a trip. Usually always get 91 at a major dealer, or Wal-Mart here.

I will take the advice and get a new distributor cap, wires/plugs and new Bosch plugs on the next paycheck. Hopefully that will make it run good again. Good to hear that it's not likely something major. Was just puzzled that it ran rough after changing the plugs today. I guess I might have give one or more wires the final chapter fiddling around with them.

Thanks for the advice. Will post an update when I get the new wires/plugs/cap to let you know if it helped.
Wires, cap, and plugs should cure the miss. The oil on the plug is probably a leaking gasket which you should replace. If after you change your plugs, the miss comes back within a few hundred miles, pull all the plugs and recheck them. If oil is on them, replace gasket ASAP.
Good luck to you.
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