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Originally Posted by zulzie View Post
I mis installed the timing chain. Now every thing needs reset. I'm thinking of removing the bumper radiator etc so I can access the front of the motor. How can I rotate the motor without damaging the valves etc. seems like setting the crankshaft and camshaft to TDC might not be too hard but what about the injector pump timing? Thanks for any help. The timing chain is not installed now.
If you can line up the Camshaft and Camshaft Gear Timing Marks without taking the Front of the Engine off do that.
Part of the question concerning lining up TDC is if the Pointer war removed. If the Pointer was removed and it did not go back into exactly the correct place you would need to reset the Pointer to the Proper place (I don't have specific knowlege about your Engine so I don't know if it is possible to get the Pointer in the wrong Position).

You will not cause any damage rotating the Engine by Hand simply stop and rethink if you hit something solid.

After that if the Fuel Injection Pump needs to be retimed.
After the Camshaft timing is is OK remove the Plug on the side of the Fuel Injection Pump Governor and rotate the Engine to what ever the degress are on the Emission Sticker on Your Car that has the Timing Information.
It is likely 14.5 or 15 degrees after top dead center.

Oil is going to come out when you remove the Plug. After the Oil has run out look inside the hole the Plug was removed from and view the metal Tang/Blade and see if it is centered in the Plug Hole.

If the Tang/Blade is centered you are OK unless you want to make sure it is set exactly and that would take some special Tools.

If it is not centered you need to detemine if it is close enough that you can rotate the Fuel injection Pump Housing to center it or if it is off too much you will need to remove the Fuel Injection Pump and re-insert it properly timed.

There is a Timing/Locking Pin made exactly for that Purpose that keeps the Fuel Injection Pump Camshaft from moving during the re-insertion process.

I am not sure on your Engine if you can just pull the Pump out as you can on the 617 Engines Where the Timer/Gear is mounted on an Intermediate Shaft or your Timer/Gear is mounted directly onto the Fuel Injection Pump Camshaft (in that case you need to remove what ever part of the Engine you need to get at the Timer/Gear the it has to come off of the the end of the fuel Injection Pump Camshaft).

DIY Repair Links Look up the info on Your Engine
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