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Hi Gilly,
Thank you for your time in clarifying this matter. It may be clear to you that these two services are included in the Maintenance Commitment Plan and paid for by MBUSA because you are customer oriented and willing to spend some minutes to do reseach. The service writers at FJ do not want to spend any extra minute to read these manuals or contact District Rep for these small changes.
If NOT all customers who purchase 2000 or newer car are receiving these services under warranty, then whose fault is it? Most buyers of $50K+ car
do not like to argue about $50 brake fluid change, myself included, if we do not 100% sure that these charges would be paid by MBUSA.

NOW, I am 100% sure that these services are cover under "Regular Recommended Maintenant". I WILL talk to service manager at FJ to straighten this thing, I will print this entire thread and bring with me when I talk to him. I will post the result later.

MLDude, I agree that all car's fluids are toxic, I am alway very careful when I do anything under the hood and I always dispose those fluids at recycle centers. I have warranty works at FJ, all other works are done by myself if I have time and if it is easy DIY jobs. Otherwise, I bring all my cars to an independent shop in Garden Grove. I saw Larry Bible's website about brake bleeder, it is too complicated for me to duplicate it, and the price of Motive Power Bleeder is only about $45 and has very good reviews by someone in this forum.

It is sunny and warm in Southern California.

Thanks all.
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