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I bought H7 Phillip Vision Plus for my wife 00 E430 after reading Daniel Stern article about lighting. He said "For those who want the best possible performance from their headlamps and are more concerned with their ability to see rather than the appearance of their headlamps, the major bulb companies offer optimized bulbs WITHOUT the light-stealing blue coloration. Sylvania Xtravision (in the pink-and-black package), Osram Super and SilverStar(outside North America); Philips High Visibility (North America), Premium and Vision Plus (outside North America); Narva RangePower are the ones to look for."

I can say that the Phillip Vision Plus gives more light on the road compares with standard Hella H7 which is OE for that car, the color is somewhat whiter too. I think it worths $40 for a pair of H7. A pair of H4 Vision Plus is $28, shipping is included.
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