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Purchased a used car today.

Two door low slung black coupe. Led headlights and taillights. Charging port in the lower side of the rear bumper. It was just sitting forlornly there and I looked for any evidence of a sticker price or otherwise. None present. No dings and absolutely no rust.

Then the seller came over and said it runs good and has some unusual features. Has a strong blower to develop negative pressure underneath. It is very Fast and agile as well. He claimed he found it a challenge to drive himself.

So I asked the price. No sense in even test driving it if it was too expensive. No sense beating around the bush either. I found it somewhat unique.

I really was thinking of it for our youngest grandson I told him after I drove it for an hour first. Since I had purchased a few thing before from him and the prices were always more than fair we settled on a cash deal.

I just happened to have that much coin on me at the time. All two dollars of it. This remote control car develops enough suction that you can drive it on walls.

My guess is like myself most of you may never have seen one. The grandson is going to love it and his parents hate me if it leaves burnout marks or anything behind it on their walls. I have a defense ready. How was I supposed to know a remote control model car can drive on walls? Had you two been drinking when you witnessed this?
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