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Valvetrain Help needed M103

I am rebuilding a 1990 300E M103 engine and I just put my new cam in and started putting the rest of the head together. When the head was taken out, I had a valve job and the head was resurfaced. Along with my new cam, I got new 3.0mm ball sockets, and new lifters but kept the stock rockers. Now I have a clearance problem. When I go to tighten the rocker arms down, the valve springs start to compress and thus the valve starts to open. I am positive that I am on the flat part of the cam so the valve springs are not supposed to be compressed at all. I tried putting the old ball sockets in and the problem wasn't as bad but it was still there. What do I do now? Is there an easy solution or am I going to have to shave some metal off of the ball sockets. As far as I know, there are only 3.0mm and 3.5mm ball sockets available and I already have the 3.0mm. Thanks to anyone who can give me some help.
George Carstens
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