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As gigabit connectivity becomes more widespread, it will change the landscape for the typical client-server computer model used in small and large businesses.

Currently one of the major reasons people keep file and database servers in-house is due to the performance that can only be obtained in house. Once that issue is removed, the majority will keep everything “in the cloud.” It will be devastating to groups such as Dell, HP Lenovo, or anyone who sells server platforms.

The broader implication is that it will also make it possible for vastly greater numbers of people to telecommute. Not only is typical computer data quickly accessible with enough bandwidth, but so is video conferencing. That will translate to fewer offices and buildings, and potentially a revolution where the idea of “going to work” for many will mean sitting in front of their home computer rather than commuting 20 miles 2x a day. Ultimately this kind of change can completely change culture as we know it.

BTW, Comcast started offering gigabit broadband a couple of years ago iirc and have been quietly adding to it since.
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