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Timing Chain : Engine died

Hello every body,(1991 300, 2.5 Turbo)

I've rebuild my engine 6 months ago, all was going allright till yesterday, while driving at 2000RPM, the engine died.

When taking off the camshaft cover, i discovered that the camshaft was broken (5 parts), a broken timing-chain.

After taking off the camshaft, the poor lifter were completly craked. Impossible to extract them......

Once the head was taked-off, (I was expecting a piston's holes and valves destroy) but nothing the pistons had nothing and valves are OK.

Could be any embeded problem ???
What should I replace : ???

Camshaft, Tensioner, Chain, Upper Guide, lifters, valves-valves guides ???

Why my chain broke on 10.000 Km.

So sad !!!
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