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blower motor

Please Help ! Dummy in Texas !
I took my 89 300E to the local Benz shop to repair the tachometer. While it was there, I had them diagnose why the blower motor was not working. I was told by their shop manager that the blower motor was bad, and the repair bill would be $561.00. I told them I would bring the car back at a later date.
Over the weekend I installed a new blower motor following the excellent step-by-step advice of you great people, and found the job very easy - (thank God for you guys!).
Problem, blower motor still not working. The cover of the fuse box says that the blower motor fuse is outside the fuse box. Where is it ? And did the Benz shop rip me off by trying to sell me a blower motor ? I used jumper wires to test the old motor and it spins away. What should I check next ?
Robert Davis
Robert Davis
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