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2 stroke oil, what brand and what ratio?

Just because there's not enough controversy around here.

I am using my last remaining stock of MX2T. When it was discontinued I bought up all I could find, I have enough for a few more years at current consumption levels.

32:1 for me, easy to measure. I'd rather run richer than leaner as long as it's not carboning up anything. MX2T is synthetic and burns extremely cleanly. My equipment gives a brief white puff on first startup, after it warms up a bit the exhaust goes clear and stays that way. MX2T has very little dye and a couple of times I just wasn't sure if I added oil, so to be safe I have added a second dose to my two stroke can. The exhaust smelled much more strongly of two stroke oil, so I was pretty sure I had doubled up. Regardless, 16:1 is better for equipment than 0:1. No carbon issues, burned fine, just smelled stronger. I don't hack up crud for two days after using MX2T, it runs very clean in my equipment, my girlfriend doesn't find the smell on my clothes objectionable after I've been using the chainsaw. I was miffed when it was discontinued.

I have a 2oz syringe for easy measuring, two full squirts in a gallon and good to go.

When I run out I'll probably switch to Pennzoil aircooled, although I wish I could find something locally that was better than the no-name big box store oil. Pennzoil aircooled rated very highly in an ultralight airplane engine test. The results were very favorable and are why I want to go with Pennzoil Aircooled next. I'll try and find it and post a link. Edit:

Fire away.
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