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Originally Posted by rscurtis View Post
I use Amsoil Sabre 100:1 at 80:1 and it works fine. It runs with an invisible exhaust. I could probably run at 100:1, I may try that on the next tank. It also works fine in the Stihl 4-mix.
It's a little scary sometimes but I have run this oil at 120:1 and some other modern two stroke oils as lean as 160:1 in motocross bikes and ultralight aircraft engines. Did it right before a top end job at least once so I could check the internals for lubrication. Some modern two stroke oil is pretty amazing stuff. Your mileage may vary, don't do anything stupid based on this.

For my chain saw I am trying to use up some old Yamaha snowmobile oil. I cover half of the bottom of a canning jar with oil and mix enough gas to fill the tank. Eyeball work. Both extremes you see. This particular antique chain saw probably belongs in a museum. It will probably outlast me.
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