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Originally posted by Spencer 300E
The shop is called Karmac, located west end.
I haven't taken any of my cars to Karmac, but the word on the grapevine is that they are not too hot at Mercedes service. I had some other dealings with them, and found them condesending and slightly arrogant. They often have used Mercedes for sale, and would seem to have some knowledge of the cars, but I'm not sure I would trust them.

Eurasia falls into the same category.

Alnoor at Prestige Auto Repair is where we take the 190E. He's on the south side, not very handy for you, or for us. That said, his MB knowledge is good, especially with 201, 124 and 126 models. He was an MB tech and service manager who struck out on his own.

Ken Miles at Mile Import Car is way out east near 50th street, and he's a good mechanic, and has worked on quite a few MB's, but his MB specific knowledge is limited compared to Alnoor.

If you're taking the car to a dealer, be careful about going to David Morris. Karl is very knowledgeable, but has no idea of what the word "budget" means. He has no concept of the fact that not everyone wants to spend their last dollar at his shop.

Rob Knight at Weber is easier to deal with, but Weber is no more competent than anyone else at diagnostic work. That said, they're not worse, either. The nice thing about dealers of course is the extras like loaner cars and detailing, but you pay for it in their labour rates.

We take the 190E to Alnoor, the C230 goes to Weber, and the Mazda 626 to Sundance. If you're a Mazda owner, I recommend Sundance highly. They have a very knowledable staff, and do greta work on older models.
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