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'93 190e 2.6 brakes

I am going off my memory here so forgive me if I am fuzzy. I went to read on this subject but did not find an answer to my particular question or if it was there, I did not understand it.

I did a brake job on my MB and when I took of the rear caliper I removed a bolt(s) that split the caliper in two - brake fluid came out of two holes. As soon as I saw fluid, I figured that I had did it incorrectly. I have worked on American cars before and never seen fluid flow on a brake job. I finshed the job bled the brakes and everything was fine. It is now time again to do the brake job and I want to remove the rear caliper correctly so that no fluid flows out. I only noticed the bolt(s) that I removed. I did not see anything else. What should I be looking for? A pin?

How do I remove the rear caliper to allow me to get to the pads?
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