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You want to take a good look at all the chain guides and inspect the chain tensioner while it is torn apart. How many miles (kilometers) are on the original chain? Did the chain actually break/come apart? What caused the cylinder to crack back when you resleeved it? Could whatever caused the cylinder to crack caused unseen damage to the chain?

It sounds like you probably have the engine apart now. Only use the "crimp" type master link. When you purchase a new chain on this side of the pond it comes with the "crimp" style master link. Some members "crimp" the master link using ball peen hammers and some members rent or borrow the crimp tool. To purchase the tool is pretty expensive and there is no reason you should not be able to use the ball peen hammers as long as you take your time. Do a search on this site for "timing chain" and you can read all about it. Do not use the "clip" type links except for "rolling in" a new chain.
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