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Thanks for the tips!

Cooljjay if you happen to come by that how-to on the head rests let me know (it's way, way down the road project I suspect).

Charlie, I do have a soda blaster, just wondering how pissed I can make my neighbor with the will be the best way to deal with it though for sure. Then maybe use some sort of etching primer, followed by the base coat. I'm really leaning toward Oriental Red or Hansa Blue at this point (I think). And you say the Febi bushing work? Cause none of the sites say they fit 300TD.

I'd even considered just a flat black engine bay...that would be fine as well. This is not intended to be a concours restoration. I did one of those (sorta, didn't put proper wheels on it though, and didn't use a stock color)...took 10 years.
1983 W123 300TD US spec Turbo engine, with Euro bumpers and manual climate control, and manual transmission.
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