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Originally Posted by MagicBus View Post
Was that the extent of the rust on the brown car? Where I am, I'd still consider that to be close to mint condition. Right now, I'm patching up a 240D that was a parts car even by New England standards.

I'm curious what that first photo is a picture of. Hard to tell with such a close shot.
Personally, I can't justify spending a lot of money on a local (to me) W123. Even the "nice", expensive ones are hiding a lot of rust. I see too many cars listed on Craigslist that have sofa sized holes in the floor, described by the seller as a cheap, simple fix (if the seller discloses the rust at all).

Looking forward to seeing more of your project.

looks like driver rear wheel arch to me.

LOL, with you 100%. That would be a mint car by local standards.

I would have picked the brown wagon too personally, none of the sunroof drain rust issues most of these cars have hidden. Excellent project though, can we get a pic of how the parts car non sunroof inside headliner looks? attempting to eliminate the sunroof on the wifes car, too many rust issues to keep it around. Curious what stock looks like
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